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A good water well pump can run for more than twenty years if properly maintained. However, it is not uncommon for problems to occur once in a while. The key, however, is immediate action when an issue occurs. Knowing what kind of problems to expect from your well pump will help you choose the right plumbers for the repair.

Power Issues
Well pumps run on electricity, so the first thing you should check when the pump stops working is whether it receives power. Since power blackouts, brownouts, and power surges are pretty common in rural settings, water pumps are equipped with protection against these situations. Each pump has a circuit breaker that trips when a problem occurs. Make sure the breaker is in position when the pump is not working. For more complicated issues, hire a specialist.

Pressure Problems
Most pumps are equipped with automatic pressure switches. When the pressure drops under a certain level or reaches the maximum pressure, the switch turns the pump on and respectively off. You can imagine the consequences that a malfunctioning pressure switch brings. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do on your own to fix this problem, except for unplugging the pump and calling for a professional.

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