A Plumber’s Advice on Recognizing Plumbing Issues in Advance

Every homeowner who disregards their home’ plumbing system and doesn’t maintain it, risks ending up in serious trouble. Negligence can lead to clogged pipes, corrosion, sewage back-ups, and much more unpleasant things that you wouldn’t want to know about.

Plumbing is not a job for everyone. However, you can easily monitor your system and call a plumber in case you see something wrong. What you need to look for is the following:

  1. Low water pressure. If the water flow seems too meager or the water is taking too long to start running, then you may be experiencing a problem with your pipes. You could be having a leaky pipe, which would explain the low pressure, or it could be a minor clog blocking the way of the water flow. We suggest you look for signs of a leak.
  2. Coloration in the water. If you see the tap water run colored, then leave it running for a while. It might get clearer. If that doesn’t help, then you may be having a serious rust and corrosion problem with your pipes. This means your pipes need to be replaced. This effect can also be caused by major plumbing repairs in the central water supply line in your neighborhood.
  3. Another reason for calling a plumber is when you notice wet spots around your pipes. There are two reasons for a wet pipe. If the pipes are wet on the outside, it could be caused by condensation. It could also be caused by a leak. So, if there is no other source of moisture and you have puddles and wet spots on the floor, then you most likely have a leak. Call a plumber, and get it fixed before it causes some serious water damage to your home.

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