Water Heaters

Water heaters supply your home or business property with hot water.

Most property owners forget to provide their appliances with the necessary regular maintenance and this leads to water heater problems. If the water that comes from your appliance is low temperature, or if the hot water depletes fast, then you should seek the help of a committed local plumbing contractor like Plumbing Services Inc.

A water heater during installation processPlumbing Services Inc provides water heaters installation and repair services, backed up with nearly 40 years of experience. We offer the fastest water heater service that produces only high quality results. We are known for our cost-effective prices and the positive turnaround of each task we undertake! The residents of our community prefer us, because of our prompt response to clients requests, whether it is a water heater installation, replacement or repair.

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Our crew has repaired and installed hundreds of water heaters in the area. We work with all sorts of water heaters, whether electrical, gas or tankless. At Plumbing Services Inc, we utilize only high class replacement parts and we are always prepared to eliminate any sort of water heater related issue. We understand that our customers have responsibilities and every second of their time is valuable. This is why we involve planning and preparation to fulfill every job smoothly, promptly and without having to stop every 5 minutes. Talk to our service representatives at (260) 747-2175 and get more detailed information regarding our water heater services.