What Kind of Plumbing Issues Can You Fix without the Help of a Plumber?

The average residence can have a wide variety of plumbing issues, and most of them require professional attention. There are several simple problems that are very likely to occur, but can be handled without the help of a plumber.

  1. a french wrench and a syphonLow water pressure. It causes the water to run slower and it is typically at the sink faucet. If you notice something like that, check if it’s affecting both the hot and warm water. If they’re both affected, then the most probable cause is the aerator. In time it gets clogged with calcium build ups and the water pressure drops. Remove the aerator, and clean it from debris and build up.
  2. Slow draining sinks. A slow draining bathroom sink can be very annoying. Most of the time the reason for that is a clogged pop-up head. The pop-up head is used to block the drain. It collects a lot of debris and hair, which builds up over time, and eventually clogs your drain. To manage that, simply unscrew the pop-up head and clean it. You don’t need to be a plumber to do that.
  3. Slow draining tubs. We view the tub drainage separately from that of the bathroom sink, because they are a bit different. If you notice your tub is draining slower than usual, get a pair of long pliers, and clear out any clogs you can reach.
  4. Running toilet. A running toilet is also a common problem that every plumber should be familiar with. Before doing anything to fix it, you need to know what’s causing it. Once you find the source of the leak, you can fix or replace it.
  5. Clogged garbage disposal. This is a very common issue, depending on the quality of the garbage disposal system and how often you maintain it. It is quite easy to fix, all you need are the proper tools.

These are some of the most basic issues you can encounter and fix without the help of a plumber. For anything more than that, you will have to call a licensed plumbing contractor. If you are located in Fort Wayne, IN, why not give Plumbing Services Inc a call?

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